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Our work spans many different sectors but our approach is always the same. We have the guts to take on everything.




Our work spans many different sectors but our approach is always the same. Whatever the industry, we strive to build strong relationships by understanding the challenges our clients face, sharing their vision and helping them to transform potential into reality.


From high-end retail construction to intricate structures and office space, we have the experienced construction teams and techniques to help you meet your goals.


Selemani Construction incorporates elegance and opulence in all high-end residential construction projects completed in Kampala. Our quality craftsmanship and superior attention to detail characterize every one of our luxury residential design projects.


Whether a single-floor dormitory renovation or an athletic facility, we carefully plan the<br /> logistics of every task, take a focused approach to safety and communicate daily with appropriate facilities.


Selemani Construction has built roads and motorways in Uganda and around East Africa that have involved major earth-moving operations. The company has also built large-section road tunnels, including the associated safety, lighting, ventilation and fire-prevention systems.


We are very familiar with the challenges of constructing high quality, cost-effective patient-centered health care environments while ensuring crucial care spaces, hospital operations and life safety systems are maintained.


With a wide experience in manufacturing and industrial construction market, we understand that project delays mean lost revenue for our clients. We expertly manage the unique requirements associated with highly sophisticated systems and processes during construction so clients can focus on operationalizing their new or upgraded facility.


When we work in places where people go to relax and enjoy themselves, we handle all aspects of the construction process so you are able to focus on your customers and your business. That might mean changing work hours so resort guests are not disturbed, adapting construction plans to avoid peak business times or handling the intricate environmental permitting issues that are crucial to the project’s success.


Selemani Construction delivers world-class construction services and management for top retail stores and locations housed in and around the dynamic industry. As top-rate design-and-build professionals, we take a client’s vision and, working in close collaboration, transform their ideas into high-tech solutions that encourage high traffic and retail success.

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Our work spans many different sectors.


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